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Smooth, Vibrant

& Unique

A proprietary blend of oils, binders, and premium pigments are used in every line of Koh-I-Noor colored pencils. The result is an ultra-smooth lead that allows for rich color and laydown without a waxy bloom or wax build up that prevents layering. We use California cedar for all of our artist-grade colored pencils. California cedar is not only a renewable resource, but is regarded as the best wood for pencils because it doesn't warp. Each core is perfectly centered in its casing for even sharpening, and glued throughout to prevent breakage. Our woodless pencils have a solid color core encased in lacquer, and offers the artist maximum color laydown. All of our pencils come pre-sharpened.

Color Range: 24 Colors
Shape: Triangle
Core: Extra Large Single Color

Triocolor pencils feature a triangular ergonomic shape and oversized color core.  They contain a wide range of dense, evenly dispersed pigments that lie down easily.  They work beautifully in delicate layers or in heavy strokes, and because of the softness of the lead they blend extraordinarily well.  Triocolor pencils are excellent for working in large areas, and for quick, loose strokes.  They can be used alone or in combination with a plethora of artistic media to achieve effects as unique as the individual artist. Triocolor pencils can be sharpened with a large hole pencil sharpener, sanding block or knife.

Triocolor Colored Pencils
Triocolor Pencils
Triocolor Pencils


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