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Color Charts

Each chart is a downloadable PDF containing a full color chart as well as a DIY color chart to print on your favorite drawing paper and to fill in with your Koh-I-Noor art media.

Color Charts


Learn how to evaluate materials and create effects with our tutorials and videos.






Create a Gingko Leaf drawing using Rapidograph pens with this step by step project. Learn basic line making techniques in this PDF designed for artists new to technical penwork. 

Ever wonder how to tell if your paper will perform well with your media? This brief tutorial lists materials and tests you can do to evaluate your paper.

Written by Ed Brickler

Easy follow instructions for cleaning your pens and keeping them in good condition.  Compatible with Rapidograph®, Rapidosketch®, and Rapidocraft® pens.

In & Out Pages®

Watch a quick video on this special feature of the Koh-I-Noor art papers.

MSDS Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Download safety data for Koh-I-Noor® art materials.

Artist Blocks SDS

Gioconda 8899 Art Set SDS

Gioconda Aquarell Graphite SDS

Gioconda Pastel Pencil SDS

Magic FX Pencil SDS

Magnum Black Star SDS

Mondeluz Aquarell Colored Pencil SDS

Progresso Woodless Color SDS

Progresso Woodless Graphite SDS

Toison D'or Extra Soft Pastel SDS

Toison D'or Graphite Pencil SDS

Transmix Media and Drawing Ink SDS

Triocolor Pencils SDS

Triograph Graphite Pencils SDS

Tri-Tone Pencils SDS

Watercolor Wheel SDS

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