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Erasers, Sharpeners

& Studio Essentials

Artist Drawing Accessories

Erasers, sharpeners and other drawing sundries for the artist and manual designer.


Electric Eraser Pen Battery Operated BC

Part No. EB-1200

Pen Holder With Cork Grip, Steel Insert, size 6.63" x .56" x .56"

Part No. 127N.BLA

Pencil Lengthener

Part No. 1098n.bla

Lettering Guide, size - 3.00" x .13" x 5.25"

Part No. 25285

Kin 2-Hole Sharpener W/ Container BC, size - 2.88" x 1.50" x 4.13"

Part No. 506901.BC

Pen Holder For Lettering Points, Wood With Black Finish, size 6.75" x .33" x .33"

Part No. 130N.BLA

Kneadable Eraser, Gray, Carded

Part No. FA6423KE.BC

Electric Eraser Pen Eraser Refills

Part No. EB-1200ER

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