Highly Pigmented,

Velvety Laydown

Koh-I-Noor pastels offer the richest color of any of the art mediums because the first and foremost ingredient is pigment. All Koh-I-Noor pastels are artist quality, meaning we work to find the best pigments available and mix them with minimal binders to create intense colors with high permanence ratings. Available in two soft formulas: sticks for pastel painting and pencils for pastel drawing and detail work.



Color Range: 48
Shape: Round
Core: Micro-pulverized Pigmented Pastel

Toison D'or extra soft pastels are made from premium pigments and minimal binders for an intensely colored stick. They are slightly less fragile than other artist quality pastels, and hold up well to full coverage applications.  Their smooth, velvety laydown makes them well suited to blending and layering -- ideal for pastel paintings.  Each stick is wrapped in paper and cushioined in a foam insert. A final fixative is highly recommended.

Toison D'or Extra Soft Pastels
Toison D'or Extra Soft Pastels
Toison D'or Extra Soft Pastels
Single Color 4 Pack
1 color per box
48 Color Options
Extra Soft Pastel 12 Set
12 Colors in Box
Extra Soft Pastel 24 Set
24 Colors in Box
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