Smooth, Vibrant

& Unique

A proprietary blend of oils, binders, and premium pigments are used in every line of Koh-I-Noor colored pencils. The result is an ultra-smooth lead that allows for rich color and laydown without a waxy bloom or wax build up that prevents layering. We use California cedar for all of our artist-grade colored pencils. California cedar is not only a renewable resource, but is regarded as the best wood for pencils because it doesn't warp. Each core is perfectly centered in its casing for even sharpening, and glued throughout to prevent breakage. Our woodless pencils have a solid color core encased in lacquer, and offers the artist maximum color laydown. All of our pencils come pre-sharpened.



Color Range: 5 Colors
Shape: Hexagonal
Core: Extra Large Multi-colored Braided Leads

A childhood favorite, the Magic FX™ pencil was the first multi-colored pencil with braided leads of bright, contrasting colors.  With every stroke the unique mosaic lead puts down a kaleidoscope of color. The neon pencil also adds an additional fluorescent effect under UV light. Magic FX™ pencils are big and chunky and boast a 5.6mm lead.  Each pencil has a dipped casing indicating the colors of the leads.

Magic FX® Pencils
Magic FX® Pencils
Magic FX® Pencils
Magic FX® Pencils
Magic FX® Pencil Set
5 Pieces
Magic FX® Pencil Canister
Original, 30 Pieces
Magic FX® Pencil Canister
Fire, 30 Pieces
Magic FX® Pencil Canister
Tropical, 30 Pieces
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