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Art Journal Club For Everyone

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Hello, my name is Julie Saltzberg, and I am a middle school assistant teacher. I have been an avid art journaler for years, and when the opportunity to introduce my students to the world of art journaling arose at my school, needless to say -- I was ecstatic.

I'm proud to say that I helped initiate the first-ever Art Journal Club at our school. My students meet weekly, and the club has even inspired my colleagues to get involved with art journaling too.

My fellow colleagues art journaling during their lunch break.

I'm here to share how my students and I use art journaling to connect with creativity. I hope that you feel encouraged to share your ideas too, and I'd love to see what you create.

In our Art Journal Club, our students have access to:

Weekly Prompts

Art Journaling Club members have the option to follow a weekly prompt or work on their pages. Past prompts have included: Reindeer Hybrid, Anime, Superhero, Classroom Relocated, and Halloween Fashion.

Stencils, Stamps, Collage Materials

For students that are interested in cultivating an eye for design, our club allows for endless design arranging possibilities. Students have access to stencils, stamps, glue -- so that they can assemble forms to create personal and original work.

A Way To Bring Their Stories To Life

Above all, everyone in our Art Journal Club is encouraged to bring their stories to life. Friends come together in this club, and we have an open-door policy. We share ideas, our creations, and encourage one another. Our goal is to create with abandon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Julie Saltzberg

Cultivating Creativity

Check out this wonderful slide show that Julie made about her Art Journal Club:

For more information about Julie's work as a teacher, artist, and her Art Journaling Club, visit:

Instagram - @artpodny

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