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Journals in January and Some of my Favorite Creatures From Creatuanary

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Hello, my name is Robert Bruner and I'm writing today to share how I use my Art Journal and to introduce you to my work for Creatuanary.

This year, I’ve started keeping an art journal, in addition to a sketchbook. I view my art journal as a testing ground for my Creatuanary sketchbook. For those that don't know what Creatuanary is: Creatuanary is a challenge created by Dibujante Nocturno, Joshua Cairós and Rafael Terue. You draw a creature per day in January to start the year of as artistically as possible. To learn more about the challenge and see some amazing creatures, visit:

My art journal has been invaluable for working through ideas and trying out different color schemes for my Creatuanary sketchbook. It’s helped alleviate some of the pressure of creating that “amazing work of art” to post on Instagram.

Working out these ideas in the journal makes the "final work" in the sketchbook flow more smoothly.


Some of My Favorite Creatures From Creatuanary:

The Cthulhu from day from day 23. H.P. Lovecraft's most notable creation. Along with some Vikings sailing into glory!


Fafnir from day 24. The vile dragon who was once a dwarf, but his greed and ill-nature slowly turned him into a dragon. Sigurd slayed this beast and was granted treasure along with great powers. Fafnir is the inspiration for J.R.R Tolkien's Smaug.


Camahueto from day 17. It's a creature from Chilote mythology. Its horn is said to restore vitality in men.


Silokoy from day 27. A Filipino creature that was a clear inspiration for Creature from the Black Lagoon film.

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Robert Bruner is a longtime fan of Koh-I-Noor's Rapidograph Pens, and freelance artist based in Northern California.

As the Creatuanary challenge continues, Robert will update the comment section with more creatures. Check back to see the updates!

Baba Yaga from day 29. A witch from Russian folklore

Feliciano the Fawn Falls in Love from day 31.

And that brings us to a close for the Creatuanary 2020 challenge!

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