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Hi, I'm Carol from @carolmidorii_letters!

Having an art journal affords me the freedom to express my creativity, test out different techniques, and connect with my feelings. It's a playground for learning, where rules do not exist, and because of that freedom, I can live a more creative and meaningful life.

I'm writing today to share some of the ways that I use my Art Journal, and I hope that you will be encouraged to create one for yourself!

Here are a few examples of how I use my art journal to better connect with creativity:

• Organization

Adding a planner to your art journal is a great way to help you establish a rhythm for getting creative. For personal organization, I use a monthly planner. I like to include goals, birthdays, and it helps me prioritize relevant information. One tip that I've learned: You have to be honest about how much time you can commit to achieving your goals! It's essential to be realistic about the time that you have available, and a planner helps me see where my time is going.

•Capturing Inspiration

Whenever there's a flash of insight, use it! Working in my art journal inspires me to pay attention to my surroundings. Even observing the everyday interactions of my family can produce a lot of ideas for my art journal.


The only way to have freedom is to have time. Without discipline and organization, you will not have the time or freedom to do what you want. I use my art journal to create a habit of planning. Time is precious!


Start, get inspired, get organized, create! Curiosity piques your creativity, and your creativity can lead you to beautiful places. Creativity is something we all have, and I know you are capable of creating something amazing and unique! If I can give you advice, it would merely be, "Start!" A little every day, take a chance, have fun, and share your art, your process, and your passion with the world!

With Love,


Carol Midori is an artist based in Japan. She specializes in illustration, design, and hand lettering. Carol is also host to @365happydaysoflettering A 365-day challenge where participants are invited to drop in and join the project at any time.

To see Carol's completed calendar for 2020, check out the video that she made to showcase her work:

Learn more about Carol Midorii and her work by visiting her website: and connect with Carol on Facebook and Instagram.

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