The Originators of the

HB Degree System

Hardtmuth® Graphite is a premium lead that has been used in our professional artist’s pencils since 1802. Franz Hardtmuth, inventor of the graphite degree system, chose H after the family name Hardtmuth, B for the town Budějovice where our pencils are made, and F after himself. This varied degree drawing instrument has received accolaids from the world fairs in New York, Paris, London, Vienna, and Milan, and from Queen Victoria, who bestowed the name Koh-I-Noor on the pencils after the world reknown diamond as a representation of their finest quality.




Range 1 Degree: HB
Shape: Round

Mephisto mechanical pencils feature a well balanced, weighty feel and smooth lead feed. Excellent for precision work, the Mephisto comes in two lead widths .5mm and .7mm, and feature an easy to load, large capacity lead reservoir. Each lead size is made from premium quality Hardtmuth lead in a medium HB degree. Erasers are removable and replaceable and made from soft, smudge-free vinyl.  Mephisto mechanical pencils feature a metal clip and color code indicator for size on the barrel. 

Mephisto .5mm Pencil
Single Mechanical Pencil
Mephisto .7mm Pencil
Single Mechanical Pencil
Mephisto Pencil 2 Set
.5mm & .7mm Set
Mephisto .5mm Leads
Lead Refill 2 pack
Mephisto .7mm Leads
Lead Refill 2 pack
Eraser Refills
10 Erasers
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