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The Originators of the

HB Degree System

Hardtmuth® Graphite is a premium lead that has been used in our professional artist’s pencils since 1802. Franz Hardtmuth, inventor of the graphite degree system, chose H after the family name Hardtmuth, B for the town Budějovice where our pencils are made, and F after himself. This varied degree drawing instrument has received accolaids from the world fairs in New York, Paris, London, Vienna, and Milan, and from Queen Victoria, who bestowed the name Koh-I-Noor on the pencils after the world reknown diamond as a representation of their finest quality.

Graphite Aqua.


Range 4 Degrees: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
Shape: Round

Two types of Graphite Aquarell pencils are available in 4B Progresso Woodless & 2B, 4B, 6B Gioconda wood-cased pencils. These pencils have a silky smooth laydown and create a rich range of values when used dry. The lead has the added benefit of being water soluble, and drawings take on watercolor like effects when a wash is applied with a brush. Pencils can also be dipped in water to create a super smooth, dense line.


Gioconda Sepia Light Pencil

Part No. FA8800.SL

Gioconda Charcoal Pencil

Part No. FA8800.C

Gioconda Sepia Dark Pencil

Part No. FA8800.SD

Gioconda Aquarelle 2B Pencil

Part No. FA8800.AQ2B

Gioconda Red Chalk Pencil

Part No. FA8800.RC

Gioconda White Chalk Pencil

Part No. FA8800.WC

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