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Wholly Devote Yourself to The Inner Machinations of Your Mind and Flow by DeShawn Fairbairn

In a dying world amidst the troubling times of recessions, political failures, and big pharma trying to subdue the planet, artists might question their significance in the grand scheme of things. One might posit the question, "where does my purpose belong in this world?" Art is not one dimensional and indeed not the existentialist post-mortem reward commonly preached in history. Instead, drawing and artwork transcends the fibers of a person's soul. It is what brings light in a dark place and allows freedom of expression. In short, it is by daring to be different through your artwork that you can live.

Defying the odds of being noticed or seen swirls around the microcosms of the art world. In today's social media, being "seen" is somewhat of greater importance to most than what your art means. Aesthetics of the generation often drowns out uniqueness. For many, art is freedom of expression, a term misused within political arenas and social constructs modulated to feed the system and dampen spontaneity and creativity. Dare to be different. The varying strokes of Rapidograph pens or laying a foundation with a Staedtler show once; the artist dares to continue. Life, too, is this way.

Your genetics, talents, fiscal stance doesn't define life. Your persistence once you've accepted life's challenges and your courage to face each day afresh like your artwork is what provides its meaning. Drawing comes with it this defining characteristic of testing. As to life, a drawing will test your mettle with failures, successes, doubts, fears, hopes, and provision. We can reference many in life to search for a path that provides what we think success looks like in the same way, and artists look for references for beginning work. References test not your ability to copy; however, they bring together a will to continue, learn, grow, fail, capitalize, and self-motivate.

Drawing allows us to cope with these life factors therapeutically and regularly provide novel experiences, unlike some therapy forms. Through our struggles with art, we can give joy to others. Once we realize this fact, we can truly live for our gift. We can navigate the other facets of our lives, knowing that by giving our gift, not only will our reward be handsome, but the impact on another is everlasting. Drawing as a means to breathe life is the beauty in every day of sketching, creating.

Creations are an extension of your mind. With the mind, we fight our greatest battles and generate movements so profound that the tools we use have no choice but to bend to our wills. Score through the body and find the hands, limited in movements, near-limitless on possibilities. Like a chess champion, the artist can create moves that highlight the personality and gameplay of the mood. It's a whole mood. Wholly devote yourself to the inner machinations of your mind and flow.

Flow. Continuously, streaming consciousness, steadily and fervently pursue, place, shift and grow, feel without thinking, enjoy without expecting, intensity gathers and grows culminating in an epic masterpiece.

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