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National Coloring Day ✨

It is widely-known that coloring is a beneficial hobby. The activity of coloring is both creative and repetitive, allowing your mind to get absorbed in what you're doing and let some of those high-level cognitive functions take a break. Coloring is also wordless, which lets your linguistic processes take a breather, too.

All those health benefits aside, coloring is really enjoyable unto itself. As you relax and start coloring, you can practically feel your creativity flowing faster. All your daily, intrusive thoughts start to lighten up. Coloring provides a wonderful get-away experience.

National Coloring Day doesn't exclude coloring books. Get extra creative by trying new mediums and to color outside those lines. Go one further — apply this idea to other parts of your life!

Enjoy these custom made Chartpak Coloring Pages for you to download, print, and color!

Coloring Book Day 5.5x8.5 (002)
Download PDF • 1.84MB

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