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Healing with Mandalas Coloring Pages

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Just click, print and add your own color to this beautiful hand drawn mandala created by Saudamini Madra. Born and raised in India, Saudamini is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her artwork focuses on hand drawn illustrations ranging from mandalas to zentangles, and from landscape scenery to other nature subjects. She completed a Masters in Fashion and worked in the industry for 15 years, then moving to Los Angeles 11 years ago to work in the fashion industry. As Saudamini's job would keep her busy, she would turn to art to de-stress. In 2017, she was drawn to mandala art, completely mesmerized by mandalas and practiced every day, improving with each piece. She had found a new passion in black and white art flourished once again! In 2019, Saudamini quit her job and now is working on mandalas full time. She dedicated her time in creating new artwork and classes that other aspiring artists find helpful. For more info on Saudamini please check out her website and follow her Instagram page @saudamini.madra


Elsa Maria is an artist living in Australia. Please follow her incredibly beautiful and inspiring work on Instagram @elsasmandalas! Here's a little bit about her process and inspiration for her beautiful creations.

"I found mandala and it's magic around this time last year and it has been an amazing journey since then. If you are someone who over-thinks or someone who is anxious or if you're someone who needs to find something to do with their hands in order to keep things off of their mind, mandalas are great for it. You DON'T have to have an artistic streak in you. You don't have to be someone who is creative. ANYONE can draw a mandala and I'm a living proof of that. You can go back on my page and check out the first mandala I drew.

I wish everyone knew about healing mandalas. I wish everyone knew how many people found solace in drawing simple patterns repeatedly. I wish everyone knew how many people sleep well after drawing mandalas.

If you are someone who is struggling mentally even an ounce, art is a great outlet. Learn from me. Or from someone else. But, learn mandalas. It's easy and good for your soul. ❤️"

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