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How to Harness Your Creative Energy

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We are now more than half way through the Koh-I-Noor October Drawing Challenge. I wanted take this time to offer some suggestions that may help you harness your creative energy. Here are my top tips on how to make creating a priority over all the other things that demand our attention on a daily basis.

Find Your Why

When you know your purpose for wanting to draw, it can make your drawings more meaningful. When your drawings are more meaningful it creates motivation. Drawing on a daily basis will help you see the world around you as shapes and shadows. It will also help to create a mind and hand connection that can make drawing easier the next time you pick up a pencil. We have all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect”. I much prefer to say, “practice makes progress”. Drawing has been instilled in me since art school. We were encouraged to carry a sketch book everywhere and to draw daily. While it is not always an easy thing to do, it really is a good way to improve your skills.

Have a Plan

Set yourself up for success by writing down a plan. Create a daily schedule and break your plan down into easy steps. Pick a time of day that you are most productive and schedule your drawing sessions for the same time each day. Your plan can include the prompt that you are following, what materials you will be using and a rough idea what you plan to draw. Having a well thought out plan will save you time because you will be able to focus on the drawing. Don’t wait for motivation to find you. Stick to your schedule so you can move forward with a positive mindset.

Build Your Tribe

Look around you for support and motivation. Creating art can be a lonely process, but if you can find others to learn from and encourage you it can make a big difference. Perhaps you have a like-minded friend or family member you can turn to. If not, there are many art groups on social media that can provide support. Consider joining an online art community or take a look at some of the many talented artists sharing tips on YouTube. You can also sign up to follow a creative you admire on the Patreon learning channel. There are many resources available right at your fingertips.

Visualize Success

When we visualize a successful outcome with good thoughts we create motivation. This will increase the likelihood of reaching your goals. A good mindset will attract a positive outcome and can help you move in the direction that you want to go.

When you reach your goal by completing the October Drawing Challenge, don’t forget to reward yourself! If you would like to follow my artistic journey look for Gina Leone Fine Art on Instagram and Facebook.

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