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Basic Tips for Mondeluz Aquarell Watercolor Pencils

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's important to know the difference between watercolor pencils and standard colored pencils BECAUSE WHY...

Koh-I-Noor Mondeluz Aquarell pencils contain a water-soluble binder, whereas colored pencils have a wax or oil-based binder. With a regular colored pencil, you would completely fill in your sketch. With watercolor pencils, you should leave some “white space,” which allows for light shading with the water. Once a regular pencil mark is made, it is permanent and stays set on the surface. On the other hand, watercolor pencil marks can be activated with water for blending and movement.

1. To begin: Lay in the sketch and establish the shadow areas. Sketch your drawing with an H pencil. Layer and blend with your watercolor pencils.

2. Then comes layering: Layering is a great technique to use with your Mondeluz pencils. By adding another layer of pencil over your first layer, you can deepen the colors and add detail and depth to your art. Just make sure that the paper is completely dry before adding another layer. If the paper is wet, the pencil marks react to the dampness and the results will be different. The same color can be applied or you can add a different shade to create new colors. Then apply a second layer of water with the appropriate brush.

3. Similar to watercolor painting, you use a brush dipped into water instead of paint. Blending color with a wet brush is the most common method used by artists. With a watercolor pencil, fill in an area with your base color(s) of choice. Leave some areas of the paper showing through. Dip your appropriately-sized brush into a small bowl of clean water and wipe it on the bowl’s rim. With smooth strokes, lightly brush water on your pencil marks to spread the pigment from your watercolor pencils. They activate immediately.

💦 QUICK TIP: Too much water can make the pigments run. Keep a paper towel handy to catch any runs.

The final result! Rich, vibrant saturated color!

Artwork by Lana Casiello Boyle

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