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About Nathalie Lagacé

Nathalie is a Montréal Native and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She graduated with a degree in graphic design. In 2010, her work began to include painting, and by 2014 she brought her work around full circle with a concentration in graphite. She has the great honor of working as a designer for the Royal Canadian Mint and as an illustrator.

ARTISTIC APPROACH Nathalie Lagacé expresses her environmental concerns through her artwork. She creates her narrative in contrasting positive and negative vibrations to establish an enigmatic energy between the viewer and the artwork. One is confronted with a reflection that is both literal and metaphoric.

STILL LIFE After a year long process, Nathalie presents her first graphite collection. Under the tip of her pencil, thematic trees have grown, and animal beings appear out of the hollows of branches as if by magic. Dry and gnarly pieces of bark accompany poems to tell the story of dead species affected by deforestation, pollution, human ignorance, and illustrates the narrow ties that link us all.

LEGACY is a collection where she gives birth to hybrid human-animal babies that she shapes like delicate creatures. These creations swing between the joy of birth and the concern about the environmental legacy. Strong images with an enigmatic gentleness bring public awareness through wonder and worry.

Nathalie Lagace

Nathalie Lagace

Nathalie Lagace
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Nathalie Lagace Illustration

Nathalie Lagace Illustration

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