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About Deborah Friedman


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Deborah, born in Los Angeles, California, is a professional artist living in Wellesley, Massachusetts and working in the third floor studio of her home.  She has a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  After college her work followed a natural progression from Printmaking to working in Graphite, then Pastels, and finally painting in Oils.  She has also worked in Acrylics and ran a decorative painting business for a while, focusing on making floorcloths inspired by quilting patterns, and hand-painted furniture.

She transitioned to Colored Pencil as a medium after seeing the strides made by other artists using a myriad of “CP” techniques in around 2005, when  “it was also easier to pick up pencils and get straight to work than mix oil paints, work, and clean up while raising children.”  Colored Pencils have also brought her back to her love of drawing. 


“I like the transparency of colored pencils, and often layer 20 or more colors to create the effects I’m looking for.  I’ve picked up numerous techniques for applying and removing the pigment, and love to push myself to develop my use of the medium, including using watercolor layers and solvents.”  My work often involves

juxtapositions of contrasting elements, and almost always incorporates something from the natural world.  In my Stones drawings, I’m captivated by color, light, distortion, mood, as well as exploring unique ways of interpreting such a common item,” says Deborah.


Her work has received awards at numerous exhibitions, and shown both nationally and internationally.  She is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, as well as Allied Artists of America, and the CLWAC.  In addition, her drawings have been published in numerous magazines and books.  She teaches workshops and private students and looks forward to experiencing the path her art continues on in the future.



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