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About Bryce Widom

I have questioned my vocation-as-artist many times.

Sometimes the questioning was borne from doubt ("I'm not good enough").

Sometimes from stress ("I need to pull in a bigger income to support my family").

And sometimes from an unease at settling on any one thing ("There must be something else...").

But each time the question has arisen, and I've looked it right in the face, the answer has come back the same:

Keep painting. Keep drawing. Keep creating. 

And with each cycle of questioning (and answering),

another layer of resistance has melted away. Resistance to what?

To being. To doing. To living this human life. To making a choice about my vocation, and sticking with it (for a while, at least).

So today, I am back in my studio (nothing fancy; just a small room in the back of my house, packed with tools, canvases, and an intent to create.) My job? To distill each year's themes into a concrete piece of artwork.

Art Classes

8 Weeks • Boulder, CO

Art Lab

4/8 - 5/27 • Boulder, CO

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