Precision Pens for

Art & Technical Use

Koh-I-Noor® technical pens have been used by generations of artists for precise line work. Manual designers depended on the clean lines and easy to fill pens before computer generated graphics became the mainstay of engineering and architectural work.  Today, our pens are still sought after by both artists and designers who aim to bring the life and immediacy that makes hand drawn work so remarkable.  Our precision technical pen work scans easily, and offers a clean rendering to be incorporated into digital work such as hand lettering, comics, and more.




Size Range: 3
A Refillable Technical Sketch Pen
Made in Leeds, Massachusetts, USA

Rapidosketch® pens are a student grade technical pen designed after the professional grade Rapidograph® pens.  Each pen has stainless steel nib that can be removed for cleaning and an ink reservoir that can be filled with your favorite Koh-I-Noor® Ink.

We recommend using Rapidosketch® pens in an upright position to get the cleanest line work.  Use the pen at a slight angle to get a broken, sketchy line.  Clean in the same manner as the Rapidograph® pens with Rapido-Eze® pen cleaner.

The best paper to use with Rapidosketch® pens is Bristol or Vellum due to their smooth, hard surfaces.

Rapidosketch® Pens
Rapidosketch® Pens
.25mm Pen Set
3x0 Nib Pen, Ultradraw Ink, Nib Key in a Case
.35mm Pen Set
0 Nib Pen, Ultradraw Ink, Nib Key in a Case
.5mm Pen Set
1 Nib Pen, Ultradraw Ink, Nib Key in a Case
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Rapidosketch® Pens

These sketch pens are great for quick renderings and conceptual work. They fill and clean like the professional range of Rapidograph® pens and are compatible with all Koh-I-Noor® Inks. Artist: Brett Kelley